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Ever since 1986, personnel who now operate under the name of Civil Rights in Public Education, Inc., have worked to raise the profile of the separate school funding issue.  The object of the newsletter initiated in 1986 was to provide interested individuals with background of the issue in Ontario, as well as  other provinces, along with associated facts concerning our right to be free from religious discrimination.  These newsletters used content from extensive research and provided the layperson with information not found in the popular press.  This website consolidates much of this research.

From head office, and on behalf of its members, CRIPE has taken many actions to raise the profile of the school funding issue. But once these actions were taken, our members did much on their own in order to amplify the results.  Although times have changed to favour our position, a great deal still needs to be done before this issue is resolved.

Under other headings on this page you will find several actions which you alone, or with others, can take to become involved in the process.

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